My passion lies in the remarkable innovations that can occur when different cultures and mediums collide. My work has focused on cross-cultural communication as an inspiration for interdisciplinary design collaborations. This scholarship and creative activity has taken many forms, from working collaboratively with a diverse group of people and backgrounds to create a conceptual and participatory exhibition exploring the evolution of language (Type/Life) to taking undergraduate graphic design students to India to collaborate with master textile artisans.  


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The world is shifting and evolving, directly impacting the work, environment and morale of the designer. Technology, modes of communication, content and messages are all changing. Within this shifting environment, how do we prepare our students to effectively participate in the “big picture”? The design challenges students will face in the future call for different approaches then have been taken in the past. As an educator, I believe we need to challenge students to respond positively, creatively and actively to change by way of taking an interdisciplinary approach to education. Students need to be empowered to find their vision and voice, explore a wide range of concepts and disciplines, and engage with their local and global communities to be competitive in a rapidly evolving market.